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March 16, 2011 Español   Italiano   Nederlands   Français  

Thanks to the broad range of Sammic equipment we have the solutions to satisfy the needs of each and every customer.

We are presenting a tasty alternative to frozen chips: we are going to peel, cut and vacuum pack fresh potato so that we can fry in the next days.

This process has many advantages:

- It allows the use of fresh potato as an alternative to frozen product, obtaining a more healthy and tasty result.

- It allows the user to take advantage of the slow periods at a restaurant to prepare the product and the operator only needs to fry the potato at the time of serving.

- It allows the user to pack the products according to servings or regular portions. 

- Vacuum packed fresh potato can be kept cooled for at least one week without loss of quality and taste, which allows a wide range of work organization.

Athena Thickstun introduces us the process of peeling, cutting and vacuum packing fresh potato from Martín Berasategui restaurant kitchen. She uses the following Sammic equipment: PI-10 stainless steel potato peeler, a CA-301 commercial food processor and a SV-420S vacuum sealer.  After this process, it is only needed to fry the product at the moment of serving: 

Sammic offers different models of potato peeler machines, commercial food processors, vacuum sealing machines and even commercial fryers to suit the needs of each kitchen.

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