Vacuum Sealer SV-520, designed for longer products.

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SAMMIC has a wide range of Commercial Vacuum Sealers. From the smallest version, the SV-204 Vacuum Sealer, to the largest, the SV-810 Vacuum Sealer. In order to choose the desired model, two aspects have to be taken into account: The type of product that you want to pack and the amount or size of food that you are packing. Depending on the chamber dimensions, the pump’s power and the different sealing bars we can pack a certain amount of product.

The mid-range version out of all SAMMIC’s Vacuum Packing machines is the “desktop” SV-520, designed to pack long products and ideal for small places and large production. It has a 20 m3/h pump, two sealing bars of 16” (414mm) and external dimensions of W 25” x D 19” x H 18” (642x557x515mm). The perfect model for chains with high production but not enough space to place a Standing Vac. Packing Machine.

The SAMMIC SV-520 is available in two different models, the Timer version and the Sensor version, whose differences are explained here.


Julian Tucker

Julian Tucker

January 20, 2014

Dear Sirs
I currently have a V-421 T
Would it be possible to convert this to have a Gas Flush facility ?

I look forward to your reply

Kindest Regards

07531 797199
Amaia Altuna (Sammic)

Amaia Altuna (Sammic)

January 21, 2014

Thank you for your comment.
I'm afraid it is not possible to convert a T type vacuum packing machine to have a Gas Flush Facility.
In our current range of Vacuum packing machines, S-type models offer such a feature.
With kindest regards,
Amaia Altuna (Marketing)

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