Planetary mixers and spiral mixers: features and differences

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The target audience of this post includes users from bakeries and the pizza, cakes and pastries sector. Today, a baker can produce such diverse products as cakes, muffins, biscuits, breads of different types, pizza, etc. For this purpose, it is necessary to have a planetary mixer, a spiral dough mixer with hook or both machines.

It is often difficult to decide which one is the most appropriate for your facility, so we will try to explain the uses, advantages and features that differentiate industrial planetary mixers and industrial spiral mixers.

Planetary Mixers

Its versatility makes it the essential machine in small bakeries and patisseries. Its main feature is the interchangeable utensils that can be used: dough hook, mixing paddle and whisk, allowing the user to develop a wide variety of product range as mentioned below. A removable pot makes it easier for the user, so the dough can be taken out more easily, for further manipulation. Its variable speed allows for different levels of mass mixtures.

The range is completed with desktop models, BM-5/BM-5E, BE-10 and standing models BE-20, BE-30, BE-40, whose name refers to the water capacity of the bowl. The reduction option that include models BE-20, BE-30 and BE-40 facilitate the development of different product types simultaneously.


Dough Hook: allows to knead bread dough’s, cakes, pizzas, croissants, cookies, etc. 
Mixing paddle: allows mixing creams, masses of Genoese, cakes, etc.
Whisk: permite allows to beat egg whites, whipped cream, meringues, mayonnaise, soft creams, etc. 

Would highlight the cart to transport pots, in order to transport pots with mass weighing and the kit lot with a wheeled base, which helps us to move the machine from one place to another.

Spiral Dough Mixers

This is the model you will find in bakeries and pizzerias. Used primarily for mixing bread dough’s and pizza crusts. Its main feature is the rotational movement of the pot together with the spiral hook, which makes only on part of the dough to work while maintaining low friction heat, and providing a more homogeneous mixture. We can say that is a versatile machine, even without interchangeable utensils, because depending on each ones creativity, you may develop different types of dough’s for cakes, cookies, muffins, etc. 

The range is completed with models of different capacities, whose name refers to the water capacity of the cauldron: SM-10, SM/SME-20, SM/SME-30, SM/SME-40, and SM/SME-50 and SM/SME-75.

SM abbreviations correspond to models with bowl and fixed head and SME to models with removable bowl and lifting head. From SM-20 model you can choose between 1 speed or 2 speed machines. 

You can get detailed information from each machine at dynamic preparation.


janak Acharya

janak Acharya

October 15, 2017

I started business from last year. My customer is inquiry about planetary mixer machine. I would like to request to provide more information to supply to my clients.
Janak Acharya
Aitor (SAMMIC)

Aitor (SAMMIC)

October 16, 2017

Please, use the sales contact information below (page footer) for quotation/assitance. Thanks.
Virginia enriquez

Virginia enriquez

December 20, 2017

what machine is best for Pao de Queijo? I m looking for electric kettle with planetary mixer but what i found is a combination of gas and electric
Amaia Altuna (Sammic)

Amaia Altuna (Sammic)

December 20, 2017

Hi Virginia, thanks for your question.
Both machines can be used to make hard dough like that of pão de queijo.
If you are going to work just with hard dough, the best choice is the spiral mixer. The spiral mixer is designed to make hard dough and you will be able to obtain a bigger production of dough with a smaller model, this it is more economic.
If you are looking for a multi-purpose mixer, you should buy a planetary mixer, but you would need a bigger model to obtain the same production as a spiral mixer.
Fahad Majid

Fahad Majid

February 4, 2018

For someone who is thinking to incorporate pizza in a fast food restaurant as a side dish, would you recommend a planetary mixer or a spiral mixer? Also, I would like to keep initial investments low as I do not know yet what would be the response of the customers. Thank you
Amaia Altuna (Sammic)

Amaia Altuna (Sammic)

February 5, 2018

Hi Fahad,
for pizza dough and hard dough in general I would recommend a spiral mixer. If you don't want to run the risk investing in a dough mixer, a planetary mixer could be a better choice as it is more versatile and you could use it for more purposes. Anyway read my reply from 20th December, the considerations are the same. Thanks!


July 20, 2018

How to calculate dough making capacity of planetary mixer?
Amaia Altuna (Sammic)

Amaia Altuna (Sammic)

July 23, 2018

Hi Hindchef, thanks for your question.
You have the capacity in flour kg. in our comparative chart of planetary mixers.
Have a nice day!

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