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Kitazawa at Sammic HQ

June 20, 2017 Español  

Last week we had a special visit from Kitazawa company (Japan) at our headquarters in Azkoitia. They were interested in our equipment and they wanted to learn more about our products, production and company. 

Last 14th May we welcomed Mr. Mitsuyuki Ozaki (President), Mr. Masaki Kitagawa (General Manager/Purchasing DPT.), Mr. Masaki Konishi (Manager / Engineering DPT.) and Mrs. Minako Hattori (Manager / Overseas DPT.) from Kitazawa. They had the chance to visit Sammic manufacturing facilities and to get to know our equipment and the advantages of the new cooking techniques.


They were particularly interested in the new vacuum sealing machines and they had the opportunity to meet our R&D team and our corporate chef. In this way, they got as much information as possible about Sensor and Sensor Ultra vacuum packing machines.


From these lines, we thank them for their visit, it was a big pleasure.

Thank you for relying on Sammic.


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