New front-loading dishwashers with more cleaning power

September 24, 2018 Español   Français   Português   Italiano   Deutsch  

With the objective of adapting to the needs of the most demanding users, we have taken a step further with our front-loading commercial dishwashers and, among other new features, we have equipped them with a wash pump of 1 horsepower, thus becoming the market leaders in terms of cleaning power. Therefore, the models X-51S-51X-61 and S-61, that evolved from the X-50, S-50, X-60 and S-60 respectively, ensure maximum performance and an optimum wash result.

In the models S-51 and X-51 the increased power in the wash pump accentuates the already high performance of these models and, despite the notable improvement in the wash pump (from 370W/0.5 HP to 750W/1HP), the selling price of both models remains the same.

However, in response to the market demand, in the models S-61 and X-61, the upper filters of the drum are now optional. Thus, in these cases we offer a model with an improved wash pump (from 550W/0.75 HP to 750W/1HP) at a more competitive price.



This improved power of the wash pump places us as leaders of the sector terms of cleaning power. 


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