Blast Chiller AB-3 1/1

Capacity: 3 x GN 1/1

Output: Blast chilling: 7 Kg. / 90' Shock freezing: 5 Kg. / 240' Core probe included.

Hard chilling, deep freezing & preservation.

  • Quick chilling to +10ºC. This inhibits bacterial proliferation, prevents food dehydration due to evaporation and permits maintaining the original properties of food for five to seven days.
  • Deep-freezing to a core temperature of -18ºC in less than four hours, thus avoiding the formation of macrocrystals, an essential requisite if · at the time of its consumption - unfrozen food is to keep its original consistency and quality.
  • Automatic preservation at the maintenance temperature programmed at the end of each operation.
  • Integrated power unit.
  • Indirect air flush: low dehydration.
  • Powerful compressors: quick chilling.
  • Hard chilling: for thick products.
  • Core probe (optional): Optimises the chilling and freezing times, by detecting the moment at which the desired temperature is reached in the core of the product.
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Technical Specifications

Recipient capacity (GN) 1/1: 3

Capacity of ice-cream cuvettes 5 l.: 2

Space between trays: 70 mm

External dimensions (WxDxH)

  • Width: 600 mm
  • Depth: 850 mm
  • Height: 450 mm

Chilling capacity: 90 ºC a 3 ºC / 90 ' / 7 Kg

Deep freezing capacity: 90 ºC a -18 ºC / 240 ' / 5 Kg

Coolant : 650g-R404A

Consumption: 700 W

Gross weight : 48 Kg.

Net weight : 41 Kg

Product Sheet

Default equipment

  • Core probe.
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