Smartvide Track

Exclusive customised control system for cooking times of individual portions.

SmartVide Track is the only system that allows the cooking times of foods to be traced bag by bag, identifying each container and controlling its cooking time. It provides an exhaustive traceability of the temperature and time historic data compatible with HACCP controls. SmartVide Track provides maximum productivity and efficiency in the kitchen workflow. This way, a working system is created that, added to the maximum temperature precision offered by the SmartVide thermocirculator, makes it possible to work with optimum control of cooking times. SmartVide Track can be used for both cooking at low temperatures and when regenerating.

SmartVide Track allows all cooking or regeneration times to be controlled for the different bags or portions that share the same bath.

  • Customised control, bag by bag, of cooking times in one or several baths.
  • Customised control, bag by bag, of regeneration times in one or several baths, separating the cooking and service times.


The SmartVide Track system consists in a precise and dedicated terminal which has both the SmartVide Track software and a series of connectivities.

The software controls the cooking times, bag by bag, and has, among other features, recipe storage and organisation, direct connection with the thermocirculator and consultation and exportation of history in order to achieve perfect traceability.

Advantages of SmartVide Track

  • Extremely intuitive configuration and use. A user-friendly work system which is easy to understand and apply.
  • System applicable to any type of catering establishment (haute cuisine, hospital restoration, central kitchens, gastrobars, etc.)
  • Optimum organisation of service and mise-en-place working times.
  • Facilitates the standardisation of processes and food safety.
  • Facilitates traceability with the identification and customisation of a specific bag or ration. Possibility to control specific requests, allergens, etc. SmartVideTrack provides an exhaustive HACCP control.
  • Maximum productivity and efficiency in the kitchen is guaranteed.
  • Guaranteed traceability with the storage and exportation of the cooking history.
  • Allows a greater variety of options to be offered, perfectly finished, in each service.

SmartVide Track

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