SmartVide Track

Terminal specifically dedicated to the SmartVide Track.

Consists in hardware with a series of connectivities and software exclusively dedicated to the customised control system of SmartVideTrack cooking times.


The SmartVide Track system consists in a precise and dedicated terminal which has both the SmartVideTrack software and a series of connectivities.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy, to communicate with the SmartVide thermocirculator.
  • Wifi, to update to the most recent software versions and send the cycle history summary via e-mail.
  • NFC reader to work with the identifier tags of each portion or bag.

The solution is complemented by accessories aimed at achieving the best user experience possible.


  • Control of cooking times, bag by bag, during cooking or regeneration.
  • Storage and organisation of recipes which are standardised in both time and temperature in order to provide practical and efficient use.
  • Allows direct connection with the SmartVide thermocirculator in order to share information in real time.
  • Consultation and exportation of the history of completed cycles: entry date and time, cycle times, graphs.
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