Manual water softeners

4 models available from 8 to 20 litres

Sammic water softeners are planned right down to the finest detail to be safe and easy to use.

  • Manufactured in 18/8 stainless steel.

  • Sammic manual water softeners are used for softening the water used to supply espresso coffee machines, dishwashers and small boilers, etc. to prevent scale formation caused by hard water.
  • Maximum flow rate: 1,000 l/h.
  • Min/max pressure: 1-8 bar.
  • Feed water min/max temperature: 4ºC-25ºC.
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Specifications Sheet

Maximum flow per hour: [v:caud_max_h]
Feed water pressure (bar): [v:pres_alim_bar_min] - [v:pres_alim_bar_max]
Feed water temperature: [v:temp_alim_min] - [v:temp_alim_max]


Maximum diameter: [v:diam_max]
Height: depending on model

Crated dimensions
210 x 210 x 35 mm

Product Sheet

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