We offer customised solutions for our most demanding users in Catering and Hotel, Licensed Trade and Food Industries since 1961.

We are a world leader manufacturer of Quality Ware Washing and Dynamic Food Preparation Equipment.

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Commercial meat slicers suited to each user’s needs

Knowing what kind of food you plan to slice is just as important as knowing how much food you plan to slice as different slicers have different capabilities.

B series: filter coffee machines for large quantities of coffee

Sammic B series ideal for making large quantities of coffee at any moment and at any place you want.

False vegetable risotto made with Sammic equipment

We bring to you a delicious dish named “False vegetable Risotto” using two different sammic machines.

Bronze chips with Sammic Potato Peeler

The transformation of a typical product of the country in a colorful and crispy aperitif.

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