Meat Grinder Machines

Sammic meat grinders have an hourly output from 100 to 450 Kg.

Industrial meat grinders with different production capacities, voltage and types of cut. Refrigerated mincers available.

Sammic offers 2 ranges of meat mincers:

PS-12/22/32: three stainless steel made models with an hourly output ranging from 100 to 425 Kg. PS-22 / 32 are available with different cutting units.

PS-22R / 32R: refrigerated table-top meat mincers for maximum hygiene and food safety.

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PS-12 PS-22 PS-32 PS-22R PS-32R
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Production /hour (max) 100Kg 280Kg 425Kg 250Kg 450Kg
Plate diameter 70mm 82mm 98mm 82mm 98mm
Total loading 440W 1100W 1500W 1100W 2200W
External dimensions
External dimensions 227x470x410mm 310x440x480mm 310x460x480mm 310x438x508mm 325x544x553mm
Net weight 18Kg 31Kg 33Kg 40Kg 74Kg
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