We offer customised solutions for our most demanding users in Catering and Hotel, Licensed Trade and Food Industries since 1961.

We are a world leader manufacturer of Quality Ware Washing and Dynamic Food Preparation Equipment.

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SmartVide X, the state-of-the-art immersion circulator

With a 5" colour touch screen and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the arrival of the SmartVide X completes the family of sous-vide cookers.

Sammic, #TheRightChoice for Chef John Benson Smith

Chef John Benson Smith has chosen Sammic equipment to test and produce his recipes as part of his worldwide consultancy.

How to vacuum pack in glass jars, on video

In this video, discover the process for preserving and/or flavouring different products in glass jars with a plastic grip or a gasket.

French Fry System or the integral solution from Sammic for making french fries, on video

Introducing an efficient procedure for preparing and storing fresh french fries both for small-scale and large-scale production.

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