We offer customised solutions for our most demanding users in Catering and Hotel, Licensed Trade and Food Industries since 1961.

We are a world leader manufacturer of Quality Ware Washing and Dynamic Food Preparation Equipment.

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Lizarazu: 'Hotels or catering establishments of all types may need a salad spinner'

We've been talking to Tomas Lizarazu, one of the engineers at Sammic responsible for this line of products.

Cutlery and knives, perfectly sanitised by Sammic

Sammic has specialised equipment which effectively sanitises cutlery without requiring any further manual processes, as well as kitchen knife sterilisers.

Constant temperature rinsing: dishwashers for medical facilities

Sammic offers a range of dishwashers created especially for the healthcare sector.

Food preservation in epidemic periods - by DKSH

DKSH – Taiwan nailed it again with another successful activity conducted on 15 April 2020.

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Hemen, iluntasuna baino ez aurkituko duzu... Zure esku dago