The Dealer, Sammic's strategic partner The importance of having a good intermediary

At Sammic, we manufacture catering equipment and, therefore, we are committed to developing and manufacturing highly reliable products. Right from the start, we have relied on our dealer to sell our equipment. And that commitment still stands.

What does the dealer do for the end-user of our equipment?

At Sammic, we are close to the dealer in the sales phase, offering them support and proximity so that they can provide a user experience that complements our contribution as manufacturer.

While, for Sammic, the most efficient way of reaching the user is through our dealer, who we support on a commercial level, this channel offers many advantages for users, resulting in benefits for both the user and the dealer.

Prior assessment

Thanks to Chef’s Services by Sammic, we can develop and manufacture equipment based on the experiences and requirements of our end users. However, when it comes to selling our products, the dealer knows each user's business best and can identify the specific requirements for each of them. Because of this the dealer is the ideal adviser when choosing the most suitable equipment for each situation, backed by Sammic as the manufacturer.

Also, the dealer sometimes showcases products, allowing the user to touch and verify the quality of the equipment before they buy. 

Installation and set-up

Once the sale is complete and the equipment is in the hands of the distributor or user, it's the dealer who is responsible for installing it and setting it up.


Shared warranty

When you need to replace a part under warranty, Sammic supplies the part and the dealer installs it. This service is fully transparent to the user as they don't have to pay for the repair. However, only sales made through a supplier authorised by Sammic are covered by a warranty.

Identification of problems, resolution and repair

The physical proximity of the dealer to the user, together with the dealer's knowledge of the Sammic equipment, allows them to identify and solve problems, and repair the equipment if necessary.


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