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Fresh French Fries Franchise Frozen or fresh cut french fries?

Sammic French Fry System allows restaurant operators to serve tasty, healthy and popular fresh-cut fries in a consistent manner while dramatically cutting down food costs.

Serve tasty & healthy fresh-cut fries

There are diferent system options; from compact systems for smaller restaurants to large industrial system for institutions or commissary kitchens.

Myth and facts about fresh french fries


  • Fresh cut fries are more expensive and allow less consistency than frozen fries.
  • They cannot be preserved.
  • They are not homogeneous.


  • Taste like real potatoes. Customers notice it.
  • Have no chemical additives.
  • Can be as consistent as frozen if folowing a specific system
  • Help operators save thousands of dollars a month, taking into consideration all variables including labor costs.
  • Allow more mark up.
  • Help set you apart from the competition.

Sammic French Fry System by Sammic

Performed during off hours, only once a week, fresh cut fries will stay perfectly fresh for 8-9 days when peeled, cut, vacuum sealed and refrigarated in one process.


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