Bread and confectionery bakery Expert equipment for bakeries

If confectionery is your thing or you have to knead dough every day, if you are in charge of a patisserie or you plan to open one, if you serve breakfast to a lot of customers or if pastry is your world... whatever your line, here at Sammic we have thought of you and want to help you to get on with your work.

Sammic makes professional machines for bakeries and patisseries and among them you can find everything from industrial dough kneaders and beaters to specialized utensil washers with enough room for any tool or instrument you need to clean.

Sweet or savory, just leave it in our hands

Surprise your customers

Chocolate tarts, cheesecake, colored macaroni, your house cake, tea biscuits... hundreds of aromas and an arsenal of colors will invade your bakery. We have the machine for your every need. Let your imagination soar and we will help you to make your dreams come true. Surprise your customers!

Bread, the staple food

Every customer is a world and every one has their preference when it comes to bread: white, wholemeal, rye bread, oaten bread, without salt, cornbread, ciabatta, French bread, rustic loaf, baguettes, classical loaves... but you can meet all their needs and Sammic can make it easy for you. Discover our machines, they will amaze you.

Pizza, breaking down barriers

According to some estimates pizza is the world’s leading food, ahead of the hamburger. It has found a niche in every culinary culture and has its fans wherever you go. You can find thousands of types of pizza but the key to all of them is the same: the dough. Make your dough special and unique: you can do it with our machines.  

Sammic, your quality assurance

We control every step in the manufacture of our machines from design to marketing. We also employ a corporate chef: an expert cooking team collaborates with our product development teams to bring you practical, innovative units. This enables us to ensure that the solutions we propose meet the needs of the users for whom they are intended.

A wide range of units suitable for the food preparation area is certified by NSF, your guarantee that the design complies with the strictest safety and hygiene standards.


Spiral dough mixers

Spiral dough mixers

Specially designed for hard dough

Commercial dough mixers specially designed for hard dough (pizza, bread, etc.)

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  • Capacity in flour (60% water)
5 Kg Dough Mixer DM-10 Capacity: 5 Kg. of flour
12 Kg Dough Mixer DM(E)-20 Capacity: 12 Kg. of flour
17 Kg Dough Mixer DM(E)-33 Capacity: 17 Kg. of flour
25 Kg Dough Mixer DME-40 Capacity: 25 Kg. of flour
30 Kg Dough Mixer DME-50 Capacity: 30 Kg. of flour
40 Kg Dough Mixer SM-75 Capacity: 40 Kg. of flour
Planetary mixers

Planetary mixers

Mixer supplied with beater, whisk and dough hook

Specially designed for workshop, bakery, industrial pizza, etc.

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  • Bowl capacity
10 l Planetary mixer BE-10 Table-top model with 10 lt./ qt. bowl.
20 l Planetary mixer BE-20 Floorstanding unit with 20 lt./ 20 qt. bowl.
30 l Planetary mixer BE-30 Floorstanding unit with 30 lt./ 30 qt. bowl.
40 l Planetary mixer BE-40 Floorstanding unit with 40 lt./ qt. bowl.
Pot Washers

Pot Washers

Utensil Washers

Ware-washers with large-capacity and high pressure to ensure optimal washing results and hygiene.

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  • Created by potrace 1.13, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2015
  • Production baskets/hour
30 Utensil washer LU-60 600 x 630 mm. basket
30 Utensil washer LU-75 780 x 700 mm. basket
20 Utensil washer LU-130 Basket of 1.350 x700 mm.
Baskets and supplements for glasswashers, dishwasher and rack conveyors.

Baskets and supplements for glasswashers, dishwasher and rack conveyors.

Different sizes of baskets and supplements for Sammic ware washing.

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Inserts & supplements

Inserts & supplements

código artículo
2302058 Saucer carrier 310x95mm
2305488 Saucer carrier 350x95mm
2302615 Small cutlery basket 110x80x110mm
2302617 Small cutlery basket - double · 2x(110x80x110mm)
5300135 C-1370 Cutlery cylinder 105x105x125mm
5300125 C-1371 Small cutlery basket 430x210x150mm
Commercial Hand Blenders - XM range

Commercial Hand Blenders - XM range

Commercial hand blenders and whisks

New range of hand blenders and whisks. Versatility, ergonomy, strength. Built to last.

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  • Created by potrace 1.13, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2015 image/svg+xml
  • Liquidising arm length
223 mm Hand blender XM-12 Compact immersion blender.
250 mm Hand blender XM-21 Professional immersion blender. 300 W.
300 mm Hand blender XM-22 Professional immersion blender. 300 W.
306 mm Hand blender XM-31 Professional immersion blender. 400 W.
366 mm Hand blender XM-32 Professional immersion blender. 400 W.
420 mm Hand blender XM-33 Professional immersion blender. 400 W.

We offer customised solutions for our most demanding users in Catering and Hotel, Licensed Trade and Food Industries since 1961.

We are a world leader manufacturer of Quality Ware Washing and Dynamic Food Preparation Equipment.

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