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Sammic 1961-2021 Over 60 years of #TheRightChoice

1961. Azpeitia. A group of local entrepreneurs started their business in some units. They saw an opportunity in the tourist boom taking place. 60 years later, that seed continues to bear fruit with our focus now being on the next 60 years. We want to take advantage of this important anniversary to share a brief look at our history to date.  

The beginnings 1961-1975 

A group of local entrepreneurs founded Fammic SA, now called Sammic, involved in manufacturing and sales and with an eye on the tourist boom taking place along the Spanish coast. It began life manufacturing potato peelers and gradually opened branches in different parts of the peninsula.  15 years later, it had already established the SAMMIC subsidiary involved in sales, another manufacturing company called Danamac, and was manufacturing various dynamic food preparation devices, such as planetary mixers. It had its own branches in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia, Seville and Vigo. 

1975-1990: expansion of the business 

During this period, Sammic strengthened its activity in the manufacture of dynamic food preparation devices and entered the dishwashing segment, two of its key areas even today. It strengthened its position nationally through setting up a branch in Palma de Majorca and during these years it also began exporting and established its position in that activity. 

1991-2007: internationalisation

During this period, in addition to opening the Canary Islands branch, the first international subsidiaries of Sammic were established in the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, and Italy. The company was evolving, expanding and updating its dishwashing and preparation ranges and beginning its involvement with a third large family of products, which remains to this day: food preservation, with the introduction of the first vacuum packers.  

Moving with the times, the first Sammic website was created and a distributor services portal followed. It obtained ISO 9001 quality system certification. 

Between 1997 and 2001, Sammic belonged to the multinational Berisford, which would later become Enodis.  This period ended with an MBO in 2001, after which the company has remained in the hands of its management team. 

2008-2021: the challenges of a Global group 

In 2008, the Sammic headquarters and factory moved to its new facilities in Azkoitia. Subsidiaries were opened in the US, Mexico and Asia (Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand). We exported to more than 100 countries around the world. With the development of SmartVide, we evolved towards the digital and connected kitchen and, with the services of the corporate chef, we started working more closely than ever with users.  

We are constantly developing new products. So much so that a solution to control cooking and reheating times has led to the creation of Janby Digital Kitchen as a Sammic spin-off. 


Sammic, 2021 

A workforce of almost 200 people. More than 2,000 product items. Direct presence in 11 countries and exports to more than 130 countries across the 5 continents. We are close, so you can go far: #TheRightChoice  


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