Bone Saws

Suitable for cutting bones and frozen products in foodservice and food retail.

Bandsaw for bone and frozen products with 215-300mm. cut height.

SH bone saws by Sammic offer not only a modern design but also a safe and simple operation.

Totally made of stainless steel, Sammic bone saws are equipped with an accurate blade stretcher and a safety microswitch. They offer a simple and precise pulley adjustment system to adjust blade height and angle to ensure highly precise cuts.

SH bone saws are complete with a detachable scrap pan and are very easy to clean.

SH saws are certified in conformity with hygiene and safety CE regulations and specific product standards.

comparison table  ( Yes   Optional   — No )
SH-155 SH-182 SH-215 SH-300
Blade length 1550mm x 16mm 1820mm x 16mm 1550mm x 16mm 1820mm x 16mm
Scope of cut 215mm 249mm 215mm 300mm
Total loading
Single Phase 750W 950W 750W 950W
Three phase 750W 1150W 750W 1150W
Saw dimensions 1450rpm 1450rpm 1450rpm 1450rpm
Cutting speed 15m/seg 16m/seg 15m/seg 16m/seg
Work surface dimensions 367mm x 415mm 480mm x 470mm 367mm x 415mm 480mm x 470mm
External dimensions (WxDxH)
Width 400mm 400mm 400mm 400mm
Depth 425mm 470mm 425mm 470mm
Height 835mm 958mm 835mm 958mm
Net weight 32Kg 35Kg 32Kg 35Kg
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