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Food processor-emulsifier SKE-3

To chop, mash, mix, knead, emulsify any product in few seconds

Bowl capacity of 3 lt. (3⅛ qt.)

  • Removable stainless steel bowl.
  • Electronic control board.
  • Electronic continuous variable speed control.
  • Upper lid with hole to add liquids while operating.
  • Equipped with safety micro switch.
  • Special height blade shaft, which allow processing a larger quantity of liquids.
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Specifications Sheet

Bowl capacity: 3 l
Bowl dimensions: Ø160 mm x 160 mm
Total loading: 500 W
Speed, min-max: 450 rpm - 3000 rpm

External dimensions (WxDxH)

  • Width: 240 mm
  • Depth: 370 mm
  • Height: 305 mm

Net weight: 11.8 Kg
Noise level (1m.): <70 dB(A)
Background noise: 32 dB(A)

Crated dimensions
395 x 315 x 360 mm
Gross weight: 13.5 Kg.

Product Sheet

Default equipment

  • Equipped with a set of standard serrated blades for general use.
  • A scraper to obtain a more homogeneous final product

Optional equipment

  • Flat blades.
  • Perforated blade set to mix egg whites, prepare mayonnaise, etc.
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