Fly Killer EX-30

Commercial insect killer. Protected area up to 100m²

Flykiller with coverage of 360º. Protected area up to 100m².

Equipped with 2 x 15W ultra-violet tubes that give out actinic light (Loading: 30 W).

  • Dimensions: 515 x 110 x 370 mm.
  • Net weight: 7 Kg.

  • Placed in a good position, attracts flying insects over a large area, killing them when they touch or approach the electrified grid.
  • Twin 15 W ultra violet tubes with easy access for replacement.
  • High-tension grid.
  • Fly collection tray at the bottom.
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Technical Specifications

Working radius: 360 º
Protected zone: 100 m2
Consumption: 30 W
Actinic light: 2
Consumption per lamp: 15 W
Electrical supply: 230 V / [v:011_frecuencia] / 1 ~

External dimensions (WxDxH)

  • Width: 515 mm
  • Depth: 110 mm
  • Height: 370 mm

Net weight: 7 Kg

Product Sheet

Default equipment

  • Twin 15W ultra violet tubes.
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