Microwave Ovens

Commercial Microwaves that fit the requirements of any user, from bars & cafes to restaurants, hotels, etc.

Complete range that fits the requirements of any user.

  • 900W to 1800W microwave power and inside volume of up to 34 litres.
  • Stainless steel cabinet and cavity in all models.
  • Easy-to-use, programmable models available in different versions.
  • A uniform quality in the final product is guaranteed.
  • HM-910: semi-professional model equipped with turntable.
  • MO-1000 / MO-1000M: commecial model with 25 lt. cavity. modelos profesionales con volumen interno de 25 litros.
  • MO-1817: commercial heavy-duty model equipped with 2 magnetrons. 17-lt-cavity. 
  • MO-1834: commercial heavy-duty model equipped with 2 magnetrons. 17-lt-cavity. Allow to place the product in 2 storeys. 
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HM-910 HM-1001 HM-1830 MO-1817
Timer (min-max) 0' - 30' 0' - 95' 0' - 99' 0' - 60'
Revolving plate
Interior volume 24l 25l 30l 17l
Microwave output power 900W 1000W 1800W 1800W
Consumption 1400W 1500W 2800W 3000W
Internal dimensions
Width 340mm 338mm 374mm 330mm
Depth 320mm 348mm 378mm 310mm
Height 220mm 210mm 224mm 175mm
External dimensions (WxDxH)
Width 483mm 520mm 490mm 420mm
Depth 400mm 444mm 644mm 560mm
Height 281mm 312mm 405mm 341mm
Net weight 18Kg 18Kg 35Kg 30Kg
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