Pizza ovens

Commercial electric pizza ovens. 1 or 2 cooking chambers.

Stainless steel cooking chambers with single stone hearth per deck.

Sturdy, reliable and user-friendly pizza oven. Equipped with top and bottom elements in each chamber for best control of the process. The chamber can reach 455ºC.

  • Made of stainless steel and prepainted steel.
  • Upper und lower thermostats in each chamber: the temperatures can be calibrated with precision in each cycle.
  • Door with glass and internal lightning for maximum cooking process control.
  • Cooking surface in refractory stones.
  • Rock wool insulation.
  • Sheated heating elements.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • PO-1+1/32 - PO-1+1/45: Compact design ovens.
  • PO-1+1/45: Suitable for 2 trays 400x600 mm.
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