Spiral Dough Mixers

Specially designed for hard dough

Commercial dough mixers specially designed for hard dough (pizza, bread, etc.)

Sammic commercial dough mixers are specially suitable for hard dough (pizza, bread, etc.)

Constructed in highly resistant, reliable materials, their structure is finished in scratch-resistant paint for extremely easy cleaning.

All models are equipped with a stainless steel protection grid and count with all electric safety elements. 

All parts in contact with food are made entirely of stainless steel: bowl, spiral and rod.

With bowl capacities ranging from 10 to 75 lt., Sammic range of dough mixers include one or two (2V) speed appliances and models with fixed bowl and head (SM) as well as models with removable bowl and liftable head (SME).

All models starting from 20 lt. units come complete with built-in timer.

As an option, it is possible to attach a wheel to move the dough mixer in the working area (consult spare parts price list).


comparison table  ( Yes   Optional   — No )
Bowl capacity 10l --l --l 40l --l --l
Capacity per operation 8Kg. --Kg. --Kg. 38Kg. --Kg. --Kg.
Capacity in flour (60% water) 5Kg --Kg --Kg 25Kg --Kg --Kg
Bowl dimensions 260x200mm --x--mm --x--mm 452x260mm --x--mm --x--mm
Removable bowl -- -- -- --
Lifting head -- -- -- --
Three phase 370W --W --W 150W --W --W
Single Phase 370W --W --W --W --W --W
Three phase, 2 speed --/--W --/--W --/--W 1500/2200W --/--W --/--W
External dimensions (WxDxH) 280x540x550mm 500x720x800mm 450x800x850mm 480x820x740mm 580x860x840mm --x--x--mm
Net weight 36Kg --Kg --Kg 105Kg --Kg --Kg
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