Spiral dough mixers

Specially designed for hard dough

Commercial dough mixers specially designed for hard dough (pizza, bread, etc.).
  • Highly resistant, reliable construction.
  • Their structure is finished in scratch-resistant paint for extremely easy cleaning.
  • bowl capacities ranging from 10 to 75 lt.,
  • one or two (2V) speedappliances available. Models with fixed bowl and head (DM/SM) as well as models with removable bowl and liftable head (DME).
  • Grid (10/75 models) or transparent polycarbonate (20-50 models) bowl cover in compliance with EN-453 norm.
  • Built-in timer in all models starting from 20-lt. dough mixers.
  • Optional wheel to move the dough mixer in the working area.


comparison table  ( Yes   Optional   — No )
DM-10 DM(E)-20 DM(E)-33 DME-40 DME-50 SM-75
Bowl capacity 10l 20l 33l 40l 50l 75l
Capacity per operation 8Kg 18Kg 25Kg 38Kg 44Kg 60Kg
Capacity in flour (60% water) 5Kg 12Kg 17Kg 25Kg 30Kg 40Kg
Bowl dimensions 260x200mm 360x210mm 400x260mm 452x260mm 500x270mm 550x370mm
Removable bowl
Lifting head
Three phase 370W 750W 1100W 1500W 1500W 2600W
Single Phase 370W 900W 1100W --W 1500W --W
Three phase, 2 speed --/--W 600/800W 1000/1400W 1500/2200W 1500/2200W 2600/3400W
External dimensions (WxDxH) 280 x 540 x 550mm 390 x 680 x 650mm 430 x 780 x 770mm 480 x 820 x 740mm 530 x 850 x 740mm 575 x 1020 x 980mm
Net weight 36Kg 65Kg 115Kg 105Kg 127Kg 250Kg
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