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GV Grills: quick, ergonomic and hygienic

July 19, 2016 Español   Deutsch   Português   Italiano   Français  

The GV-6 and GV-10 grills have been designed taking into account  speed of heating, as well as both  ergonomics and hygiene when cooking. 

vitro-grill-gv-6 (1)vitro-grill-gv-10

The upper and lower vitro ceramic surfaces can be cooked on directly. Made from stainless steel, they come with an easy clean stainless steel body and frontal removable oil collector. All models come with a thermostat adjustable up to 300ºC.

The range comes with double and medium sized models with smooth and grooved plates. With a usable surface up to 538 x 248 mm, the heating speed means waiting times are greatly reduced, along with the energy saving that goes with it.

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