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SU vacuum packing machines, now on video

April 26, 2017 Español   Français   Deutsch   Italiano   Português  

A few weeks ago we introduced you to what will be  the new generation of Sammic vacuum packing machines; now we bring you a video with the main characteristics of SENSOR ULTRA line of packing machines, that will be available in 2017.

Equipped with digital control panel, the vacuum is controlled by a sensor with the display of all the values for the ​​vacuum programme on a 3.9" LCD colour screen. The backlit touch keyboard in anti-scratch plastic is protected against the splashing of liquids. All models have the capacity to store 25 different vacuum programmes with the possibility of blocking these to prevent unnecessary changes by the operator. The SU packaging machines have a phased vacuum programme for soft, porous products. In this case, the vacuum process makes several pauses before reaching the final programmed vacuum.  This allows the removal of air trapped in the product.

The SU packaging machines are equipped with a new system for detecting the evaporation point for sauces, soups, fruits, red meat, etc. which automatically stops the vacuum process, preventing the spillage of liquid into the chamber and ensuring the maximum possible vacuum. This prevents the drying out of the product and contamination from the oil of the pump. The time needed to create the vacuum is the optimal time for the product to be packaged. 

The optional sealing "plus" system allows you to increase the electrical power needed for sealing metal type bags by simply pressing a key.

All models are ready to connect the Vac-Norm external vacuum kit for vacuum packing in trays specifically designed for this purpose, with sensor control and automatic decompression for removal of the tube at the end of the cycle.

An optional label printing system allows you to connect a printer with adhesive laminated labels which are resistant to freezing chambers. The entry of texts for labels is carried out by means of an application developed for mobile devices that connects to the packaging machine via Wireless.

The installation of the gas injection system is optional for all the models in this range.

All models offer special features such as the option to carry out packaging cycles only for the sealing of bags , adjusting to a lower vacuum, or marinating products, by pressing the pause button which allows you to freeze the vacuum phase and start up again from the same point.

All models in the SENSOR ULTRA range have a soft air inlet valve into the chamber for progressive decompression. This is useful to prevent the piercing of the bag by sharp-edged products.

The Sammic professional vacuum packaging machines have a pump-drying programme, which allows the extension of its useful life, and also a working hours counter so that you will know when to change to the oil. 


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