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Sammic, your reliable partner in warewashing

February 23, 2017 Español   Português   Français   Italiano  

Sammic, present in the market since over 50 years, designs and manufactures commercial dishwashers since 1968. All these years' experience translated into a market knowledge and a know-how that makes of Sammic a world reference as a commercial dishwasher manufacturer. 

Sammic commercial dishwashers have passed the most demanding tests of strength and durability, guaranteeing good performance as well as an effective and efficient washing. As a proof of this, we have prepared this video: 


Sammic manufactures 3 ranges of commercial glasswashers, front loading dishwashers and hood-type dishwashers. All these ranges comply with the most demanding quality requirements but offer different functinalities. In addition, Sammic manufactures a complete range of rack conveyor dishwashers and ware-washers.

As a proof of our constant evolution in ware-washing product lines, we are currently immersed in the launch of a new generation of rack conveyor dishwashers. In a few weeks' time we will offer new models of pot-washers. All this to continue being your reliable partner and #TheRightChoice in dishwashing equipment.

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