Sealing Plus, for metallic bags

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The Sealing Plus technology is available in the Sensor Ultra range by Sammic and can be activated at the touch of a button.

Within the SU line of vacuum packers, Sammic is launching various models equipped with the “Sealing Plus” option.  In models equipped with this function, the user can press a button to select standard sealing or Sealing Plus. Sealing Plus is more powerful than standard sealing and is indicated for sealing thicker metallic bags.


The big advantage of the models with Sealing Plus by Sammic is that the user, at any time and directly from the control panel, can select one type of sealing or the other. In other models on the market a switch has to be installed to change between seal types.

The Sealing Plus option is available in the series of the SU line of Sammic vacuum packing machines, provided the machine is purchased with this configuration.

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