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The ‘Kitchen Bridge’ uniting Basque and American culinary culture

June 11, 2018 Español   Français   Italiano   Deutsch   Português  

A bridge is the nexus that links two paths, two worlds or two cultures; it is an element of communication that brings two distant or opposing points closer together. Starting with that idea and with the aim of building culinary bridges between different worlds, we have organised the first Kitchen Bridge Ambassador Program, in collaboration with the Catalan company Mibrasa.

Within this program, various chefs and hospitality and food professionals from the USA will be invited to stay in the Basque Country (after visiting Catalonia) to learn about and experience the culinary culture and food industry of the region. In addition, our guests will be received by well-known local chefs such as Enrique Fleischmann and Martin Berasategui, who will be their guides during their visit, showing them the most emblematic culinary activities of the region. During the course of their stay, a recording team will capture the best moments of the program, to then create a series of shows that will cover all the key points of this cultural convergence. 

This first Kitchen Bridge will be held in the third week of June. Specifically, the guests will arrive in Donostia, after visiting Catalonia, on the night of Wednesday 13 June and for the following three days they will get to know different aspects of Basque gourmet culture. A visit to the Basque Culinary Center, a wander around La Bretxa Market, a meal in the gastronomic society Basazabal in Azpeitia, a visit to the Sammic factory in Azkoitia, a pintxos workshop in Matalauva in Donostia, a meal in Txoko Getaria and Martin Berasategui, a visit to the canning company Maisor in Getaria, Txakolí tasting in K5 in Aia, a pintxo route through Donostia, etc. will be just some of the activities the guests will enjoy during their stay.



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