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Steam extraction units for rack conveyor dishwashers

June 8, 2015 Español   Português   Français   Italiano  

It's necessary to have a steam extraction system for extracting the steam generated by a rack conveyor dishwasher. Sammic offers 3 different extraction systems, depending on the type of establishment where we will install the rack conveyor dishwasher.

All our extraction systems, allow decreasing  moisture and temperature in the washing area, making the work environment more comfortable and healthy for the operator. Thus, preventing the accumulation of moisture on ceilings and walls in the dishwasher area.


Extraction hood

Splash guard equipped with outlet to connect to remote extraction unit. It does not have a motor, thus being the most economical.

Extraction hood with motor

Steam extraction hood with 550 W motor that allows extraction. Complete with removable fat filter.  It's enough to attach it to an outside output.

Extraction hood with steam condensation

It avoid steam without having to install an extraction hood. This function allows to save energy and to recover a big percentage of water destined for steam condensation, which increases water inlet temperature and sends it to the rinsing circuit. 
Equipped with fan in vertical position and motor with double retainer to prevent water leakage into the motor.Removable filter to avoid fat leakage. 

The three extraction systems exposed are attached in the output of the machine, if the machine hasn't dryer unit installed. Instead, if it has dryer unit the extraction unit goes in the entry.  The dryer unit, is designed to dry the dishes at the end of the process by hot air, which leads the steam to the dishwasher's entry.

We also offers a wide range of prewashing tables and high quality industrial tups to complate the rack conveyor machine installation.

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