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Sammic equipment for medical centres

April 20, 2020 Español   Français   Italiano   Português   Deutsch  


The global COVID-19 pandemic means we are confronting a scenario that would have been totally unimaginable a few months ago. We are in the midst of a health crisis in which, unfortunately, healthcare services and medical centres have key roles to play.

All healthcare facilities are filling up with patients with special needs and all are trying to adapt to this new situation where work times take on special importance. At the same time, medical centres have to face the challenge of feeding all these patients.

Anticipating these current needs, Sammic has developed equipment designed to reduce the working time in medical centre kitchens and improve patient satisfaction.


KE-8V Food processor/emulsifier

This cutter has a capacity of 8 litres and allows you to cut, blend, mix or knead any food in seconds. Thanks to the new brushless technology and the sharp S-blade it processes all food into consistent textures in accordance with the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI). In addition, the option of programming by time and burst button and the timer allows the cook to attend to other tasks while the equipment is in operation. All the parts which come into contact with food (blade, bowl, lid) can be washed and thoroughly sanitised in the dishwasher.

CK-38V Food processor/ veg prep combi machine

This machine offers two services in one. In addition to all the advantages of the food processor that were explained in the previous point, this machine also allows kitchen professionals to cut up to 450 kg of vegetables in an hour. This veg prep machine provides the smoothest cuts and cleanest dices, even on products as fragile as tomatoes. In addition, the removable heads are quick and easy to change, significantly reducing the working time and making it easy and safe to clean the machine.

At this point, we also want to highlight the new removable shredding discs. Because they can be dismantled in one click, without the need for tools, they are ideal for healthcare facilities. These discs can be washed in the dishwasher, maintaining the necessary hygiene at all times, and do not require any extra effort.

TR/BM hand blenders and the new XM-12

#TheRightChoice means the right size and power for each situation. Sammic's hand blenders are designed to blend and mix in containers ranging from 10 to 200 litres. Compact and easy to handle, they are essential for producing sauces, purées and liquids for patients at the centre.

And with large volumes in mind, the TRX turbo-blenders are designed for mixing and blending in cooking pots of up to 800 litres.

TB-2000 blender

As well as blending food and drinks, these machines are also ideal for making purées, grinding, grating, etc. At the same time, thanks to its speed of 28,000 rpm, this blender is also a powerful food processor which is ideal for hospitals, geriatric centres and all establishments where very fine grinding is required.

Other essential items for medical centre kitchens

In any kitchen it's important to reduce production time and, as we've said before, this requirement is now more important than ever. That's why we also want this article to highlight our range of potato peelers and commercial salad spinners that allow us to process high volumes in a few minutes.

We also understand that juices are constantly in demand in hospitals, which is why multi juicers and orange juicers are ideal for these establishments.

Finally, we'd like to finish this post by recommending our sous-vide solution that allows for clean, cost-effective cooking with impressive results. In addition, it preserves the taste and aroma of the ingredients, bringing out the flavours and preserving the nutrients. It allows for better retention of vitamins than traditional cooking and requires very little fat and salt to be added to the food. This technique also allows the maximum amount of pre-preparation to be done and eases workload at peak times.

*We believe that sanitising dishes and hygiene are key in this situation. That's why we've decided that dishwashing for these medical centres should be covered in a separate article that will follow in the next few days.

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