Rack conveyor dishwasher SRC-2700

100/150 baskets per hour (up to 2.700 plates/hour).

Washing + rinsing.
2 speeds.

  • Fully stainless steel jacket.
  • Inlet and outlet splash guards are standard.
  • Stainless steel central rack feed system.
  • Process cycles are divided by rubber curtains.
  • Automatic cycle start.


  • Energy saving rinse supply switch.
  • Pressure controller in the rinse section to limit consumption.
  • Programmed automatic stops if there is no loading.
  • Stop and freezing of timer when the limit switch actuates.

Cleaning and maintenance

  • Wide pivoting door allowing access for cleaning or inspection purpose.
  • Detachable arms and dispersers for easier cleaning.
  • Sloped removable stainless steel filters with independent removable basket.
  • Easy boiler emptying by loosening a hose.
  • Failures are easily detected thanks to the warning lights.
  • Easy to repair without moving the machine.


  • Stainless steel wash arms and deep-drawn dispersers.
  • Efficient and durable wash arm dispersers.
  • Powerful, self-draining vertical wash pump.
  • Easy to install detergent dispenser intake in washing tank. Rinsing


  • Stainless steel rinse arms and powerful, stainless steel, deep-drawn dispersers.
  • Automatic boiler filling with no failure risk for heating elements.
  • Temperature control with high precision probes.
  • Visualisation and adjustment of washing and rinsing temperatures in the digital display by pressing a button.
  • Easy to install rinse aid dispenser intake in boiler.
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Specifications Sheet


  • Production baskets/hour: 100 / 150
  • Production plates/hour: 1800 / 2700


  • Temperature: 55 ºC - 65 ºC
  • Wash tank capacity: 100 l
  • Pump: 3.2 Hp / 2400 W
  • [s:1av_resist]: 9000 W


  • Temperature: 80 ºC - 90 ºC
  • Water consumption: 330 l/h
  • Rinse heating element: 18000 W
  • Boiler capacity: 20 l


  • Drag motor power: 0.25 Hp / 180 W


  • Central module total power: 29780 W

External dimensions (WxDxH)

  • Width: 1700 mm
  • Depth: 829 mm
  • Height: 1520 mm

Net weight: 250 Kg
Water Intake: 3/4 "
Drain diameter: 1 1/2 "
Noise level (1m.): 71 dB(A)

Optional accessories

  • Drying unit: TS-600
  • Extraction systems: CA/EV/CV
  • Tables

Please note: +3kW rinse heating element in models equipped with steam condenser.

Product Sheet

Default equipment

Inlet and outlet splash guards are standard.
Extraction hood without motor CA.
3 mixed baskets (plates).

Optional equipment

  • Drying unit TS-600 / TS-90.
  • Extraction hood with motor EV.
  • Extraction hood with steam condensation CV.
  • Inlet tables and compositions.
  • Outlet tables and compositions.
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