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SmartVide Station surprises at Food&Hotel Vietnam

April 26, 2019 Español  

People from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Italia, Spain, of course, many Vietnamese etc. have met during three days at our booth AF2-01 of Food&Hotel Vietnam in Saigon. It has been a highly popular fair, where end-users have been the most demanding audience. After three days of intense work, we have ended up exhausted, but completely satisfied.

Since the first day of the fair, our low temperature and sous-vide cooking solution attracted the attention of visitors. SmartVide Station, with the SmartVide Track, the sous-vide cooker SmartVide and the vacuum packing machine, has been a total revolution. In addition, the visitors have been able to see the system in operation by the hand of our corporate chef Enrique Fleischmann, who cooked some food in-situ using this system. Thus, visitors have been able to test the texture of the sous-vide cooked products.


Apart from that, it should be emphasized that the liquid detection function of our packing machine Sensor Ultra has caused sensation, as people have found it as something extremely important. In addition to our sous-vide solution, the new blender XM-12 and our vegetable preparation machines have been the protagonists of our stand.

We don’t want to finish this post without mentioning the BBQ express company we met at the fair. This company is dedicated to working with the product (steak skewers) vacuum packed already prepared with the toothpick and everything. And when serving, they put the frozen vacuum-packed product directly into the SmartVide 6. They cook it at low temperature and the finish marking it on the grill. They rely on our equipment to perform the whole process. Thank you!

After finishing the fair, we are preparing to the two workshops we will give tomorrow at the Culinary Center Q Industries Building. Thank you Food&Hotel Vietnam and see you soon!

You can see all the pictures of the fair, here.

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