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The Cook & Chill system in video

February 1, 2022 Español   Français   Português   Deutsch  

A while ago, we made a post explaining the Cook & Chill system and how Sammic’s vacuum solution can help us to have a controlled production process. This system makes it easier than ever to optimise preparation time, standardise processes, ensure food safety, and also to reduce kitchen waste.

Now, we have prepared this video where you can see how the Cook&Chill process can be used with different types of products. As we demonstrate in the video, this process can be worked with both sous-vide cooking and traditional cooking.

Veal cheeks

Cooking: Mark + Chill + Vacuum pack + Cook in the sous-vide cooker.


Store until use.


Cooking: Mark + Chill + Vacuum pack + Pasteurise in the sous-vide cooker.


Store until use.


Cooking: Vacuum pack + Cook in the sous-vide cooker.


Store until use.

To serve, it is only necessary to regenerate the product (finish on a grill, frying pan, salamander... as needed) and serve. 

This process allows the kitchen to be managed with less pressure in the most work-heavy hours and to be able to perform tests necessary to standardise the processes. In addition, staff efficiency in workload and preparation time is maximised, providing a more extensive offering and faster, more agile service.

If you are interested in this work process, we recommend that you watch this post about Maruka Gastro, the new concept of our corporate chef, Enrique Fleischmann, who tests the Cook & Chill system. We also invite you to learn more about our technology partner Janby Digital Kitchen that offers a comprehensive solution for food regeneration and cooking. 

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